Good day, dear readers!

Few who read these pages, but since you’re here, I’ll try a little to satisfy your curiosity )).

who am I.

A resident of the glorious city of Nizhny Novgorod. Hailing from the satellite city, but for a long time live in the capital area, where I got married and raising a son. I work in the field of IT-services is not too large company to middle management positions.

Trying to travel on their own, as do small reports online. I dare to hope that sufficiently aware of the needs of travelers in the information that has a positive effect on this blog. (Well, I hope so).

I love tasty beer (do not like vodka) and some other alcoholic beverages such as beherevka, cider, wine. At this point, I like mostly stouts, porters, and the like dense and delicious beers. About this things articles will necessarily ).

Why do I have this website.

Wife loves a variety of attractions, as well as “open and explore” points of eating and drinking ) She loves to send us with son and sometimes accompany us in entertainment centers and child development ) One day I came up with the idea to share our findings with other. First and foremost, our emotions, impressions. And since I believe that the 2018 World Cup football will help to develop Nizhny Novgorod as a tourist point, including for foreigners, so I decided to try to make a bilingual site. It will help me, in addition, to maintain my low level of English proficiency.

Well, since I consider myself a “Beergeek” (though not too fanatical) I decided to write about their beer “adventures”. Suddenly, and it will help someone in choosing, for example, to buy or not.

Offer interesting places in Nizhny Novgorod, impressions from which You would like to see on this site. We will try to visit and to describe!

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