Cheap cafe

Where cheap drink and eat (meal) in Nizhny Novgorod.

Дcheap drink and eat inexpensive

Cheap drink and eat inexpensive

The question like where could we have the cheap lunch or dinner is interested, perhaps, not only for guests, but for some residents. In this case, we will not consider vodka rooms (razlivayki), fast food and similar “places”. Believe that who visit such places not go on the Internet to find answers to their questions. And we look cheap, or rather to say, inexpensive cafes in the center of Nizhny Novgorod. Very cheap to eat only in the dining room but there can not drink.

  • Despite the fact that the quality of food has recently fallen slightly, a favorite for me and my friends still is cafe “DejaVu”. Great location (in particular, close to the metro). Theirs “our” cheap beer. Prices is not like in restaurants on strong alcohol. Good cuisine.
  • For exotics and more tasty beer we don’t often go to the cafe “Samarkand”.
  • At Freedom Square, there is another object that needs to be mentioned. Cafe “At mother in-law” (branch of some restaurant). Cheap food, although smaller portions, than in the above mentioned areas. Besides vodka there are hrenovuha ( horseradish liquor), it’s the main reason why I I go into this cafe, and other strong drink.
  • But to eat and not drink, you can go down to the “Pyrozhkovaya” (located almost at Pokrovka). Although there is not a bad beer, but the main feature places – many kinds of pies and simple cheap kitchen. My wedding was here :)
  • We did not dine here often, but cafe “Priprizhka” claim to the title “cheap drink”. Unfortunately, the work to 22.00. Inexpensive vodka and cheap beer.
  • Well, in this list you can include a cafe, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, next to “Dejavu”, in which the same owner. Bogorodskoe beer “Prazhich” (I really like it). Karaoke. sushi :)

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