Irish Harat’s pub in Nizhny Novgorod

Typical Irish Pub

Entrance in Irish Harat's pub in Nizhny Novgorod

Entrance in Irish Harat’s pub

CLOSED. I am glad when I see the inscription Irish pub when I walk in cities in Europe, because one day in Cyprus I drank my first real Guinness in similar pub. :) Later still drank Belhaven and cider. I was very happy when an Irish pub “Harat’s pub” opened in Nizhny Novgorod. Someone in the beer forum wrote that there are only 6 sorts and all of them are not delicious. Despite this, I tried to get there but did not make any special effort. I think it was fortunately. When wife persuaded me to go to this pub we found not only to Guinness but other beers to our surprise. Probably it not was in the beginning, that I would have been disappointed if came before. Now I’m making plans for a couple of pints once a month.

Pub opened April 4, 2014. I visited it in August of the same year. There was a sun after the rain and we did not want to leave the center of Nizhny Novgorod. Wife suggested Irish pub. I do not know exactly what she expected to see and what there sought. Suspect is exactly it was what we saw when turned off the street Varvarskaya. Several men in kilts and next girls in matching outfits. СAt first I thought they were the waiters but then I realized that they were from the school of Irish dance. Wife likes to look at the lessons of this school when they dance in the street Bolshaya Pokrovskaya or on the waterfront Fedorovskaya.

Ambiance in Harat's pub

Ambiance in Harat’s pub

I was expecting to see a small room. the pub size is normal. A few tables with sofas and a few high, almost “for standing” near the stage. Many images, signs and other paraphernalia on the walls. The flags on the ceiling. In general, it resembles the english and irish bars where I’ve been. Heartily. Colorful bartender, not an Irishman, and fits the style of the institution.

We took a menu with pictures on the bar rack. Price from 100 rubles (it’s for croutons) to 590 (roast beef). Guys in kilts confused me. I thought that they are waiters and waited for someone close :) I realized, that there are NO waiters. I read about this on the beer forum but forgot. I asked to taste coupe of stein. Hobgoblin is normal, although it seems that bought some time in the “Fidel” was tastier. I did not like the oyster however as the bottle, which I once bought in Auchan. Price for beer: Guiness and cherry for 300 rubles; Kilkenny and coupe of ale – 280; and others for 250. The range: Guiness, Kilkenny, Oyster staut, Belhaven, Smithwick`s, Hobgoblin, London Pride, Mort Subite (cherry), Carlovec and five lagers and wheat beers, which I don’t remember. The main “tube” which holds most of the labels of beer all in ice. As anyone, but I am accustomed in the Czech Republic that beer is served not icy, just chilled.

Vodka from 80 rubles / 50ml (Smirnov№21) to 180 (Finland). Another interesting point to Nizhny Novgorod – payment immediately when ordering. On the one hand, when the pay card, it is inconvenient to enter a PIN code every time. On the other hand, it is more convenient to control their spending :)

Food available :) . Slightly below average. We did not find irish anything on the menu except one soup.

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Visitors were not many, in spite of the Saturday evening performance of "Irish" group. I drank Belhaven, which pleased me most. There are not coasters :(

video stupid :( but to see the interior it's enough:

RESULT. We come here every couple of months, but before we eat in other cafe or restaraunts.

How to find Harts pub

Address: Nizhniy Novgorod, Varvarskaya str, 32 web-site:

You can go form Minin square or from Freedom square, but it's better to drive on the street Varvarskaya to the bus stop, which is called too and around the building "Nizhpoligraf right.

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